Monday, June 8, 2009

Stealthmode and project update

Most of the project is creeping along with the exterior land about 70% complete. The interiors are not at all done but fortunatly most of model work can derived by canned Bethesda materials with a few alterations.

The main delay is as I get better with the tools (Blender, ngPlant, Sketchup and GIMP) I look at my earlier work and think...ehhh I can do better--or during my walk-through I see something that just doesn't fit. The plants for instance have changed several times as I became used to the parameters Fallout 3 allows. My Sigillaria (B) for instance took some really creative thinking as did the Lepidodendron(C). The Glossopteris (A) and Cordaites(D) were easier to make as they follow more typical modern plant forms. A originally had seed ferns but I was just not satisfied with the accuracy and to be honest the its easier to represent ferns using grass forms instead.

Character development is done but the equipment is not. There won't be that many new items for the player to aquire--I think Bethesda has provided tons and the user community has created so much I'm putting more strength on locations and storyline.

I'm a one person show, so a Fall release date is the quickest I can finish this by. There is so much I want to put into this project but the map is one quadrent wide (1/4 the size of the Fallout Wasteland map) but the release date would have to be pushed off until mid to late 2010.

If anyone is interested in helping of course, please let me know :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A few more screenshots

I'm still around. Due to some problems I had to almost start from scratch. Here are some screenshots of an abandoned airfield. Sadly this sets my project from being 75% done to 25% done. On the plus side, its given me a chance to review my storyline and add in new objects.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dimetrodon sans animations

Dimetrodon in game, sans animations. I need to clean up the texture mapping and put the eye color back to black.

Weird LOD

I hadn't noticed this before but after setting World LOD generation to 2.0, I get a weird faroff lighting effect where of purple white and what appears to be a crosshair.

Shrubbery, Grass and Eurypterids

I'm getting there with landscapping and adding objects to the landscape. The Eurypterid (Sea Scorpion) is almost done, there is quite a lot of work involved in animating models so I may end up only including three creatures in Permian Playground

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Permian Trees

Rigging and animating new creatures in Fallout 3 is quite a task. I've taken a break to finish up the landscape. In this screenshot are Calamites (giant horsetails), Lepidodendron (the round based trees), Glossopteris with its large leaves and pines.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Critter update

Even though this modification is a cross-over between Fallout and The Morrow Project; the island the adventure takes place on is an island reminiscent to that Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park. Unlike the book, this story takes place several hundred years after the war. Nature has taken almost all of the island back. A great barrier wall that separated the islands natural flora and fauna with the creatures from the Permian era have eroded and species of flora and fauna now intermingle and compete. pines, birches and oaks vie for space with calamites, lepidodendron and sigillaria. Dimetrodon hunt wild pigs amongst the strange mixed forests while Sea Scorpions and trilobites have escaped to make the islands shores their new homes. A very strange and interesting place indeed.

Pictured here in various stages are some of the creatures you will meet on this island:

Dimetrodon melleri (created by Aernoud): Pictured here as created by Aernoud via Goggle Sketchup, it's an incredible model. Interestingly, Blender's import literally blendered the legs, so I'll have to tinker with the mesh before I get a chance to add it to the game. It's a shame too, this model is so beautifully done, I originally had planned to just rig and animate it as is.

Xenacanthus moorei: (created by Birdman): Xenacanthus was a type of freshwater shark with species that existed from the late Devonian period to the end of the Triassic period.

Trilobite (created by Birdman): This is a second re-texture I've done for it. Trilobites were incredibly diverse arthropods that flourished from the Early Cambrian until they ultimately went extinct at the end of the Devonian period. Birdman has some other incredible works, I'd love to include but the mod would no longer be called Permian Playground.

Sea Scorpion (created by Dilopho DD): More correctly known as Eurypterids, this model created by Dilopho DD is Jakelopterus rhenaniae ("Otto Jackel's wing from the Rhineland") was a monster of an arthropod with an estimated length of 2.5 meters. Technically this Eurypterid existed in the Devonian era, but Eurypterids existed from the later Ordivacian to the end of the Permian.

I'm currently in process of re-texturing this incredible model for import into the game.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The trilobites are biting!

Most of my hiatus has been involved in learning how to use Nif tools and getting new critters into Fallout 3. This has been no small feat to me, but at least for now I now have some Trilobites (original model courtesy of Birdman)
I'm in the process of re-texturing the mesh so there are some unfinished texture spots.--once this one is done I'll move on to the other critters.
For now I leave you with a few Trilobites on the beach. Hopefully soon I'll post some more critters that put the "permian" in Permian Playground.

Monday, January 26, 2009

A little Bad Astronomy

I'm guilty of not posting anything for a lack of anything interesting to post. I'm pretty sure visitors to Permian Playground are not interested in my muddling through Nifscope, Blender and rigging 3d models for animation. Lots of mundane stuff. However, I guess if I don't post something, you might think I've gone Duke Nukem Forever.

So, just for fun I added in someone you may or may not have heard of--Dr. Phil Plait: Author, Skeptic, Astronomer, Sci-Fi fan and now a 3d version of himself wandering around teaching science to those wandering the wastes of the Fallout game universe :)

If you're curious, check out his Bad Astronomy blog at Discovery Magazine.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Morrow Clothing Development

I've been taking a break from populating the island with features, trees etc to go work on designing the clothing the Morrow Project characters that the player will encounter. This one is my first variation for a Recon Team member. I'm working on the beret, I'm no expert at Blender, so the hat's becoming an interesting challenge.

The weapon is an M16 created by Einherjrar. He's got some great US military weapon designs available for download at the Fallout 3 Nexus. Morrow Team members won't be using the M16 series of weapons (someone else on the island will...), I'm currently working on creating their more traditonal set of Stoner weapon systems.