Monday, June 8, 2009

Stealthmode and project update

Most of the project is creeping along with the exterior land about 70% complete. The interiors are not at all done but fortunatly most of model work can derived by canned Bethesda materials with a few alterations.

The main delay is as I get better with the tools (Blender, ngPlant, Sketchup and GIMP) I look at my earlier work and think...ehhh I can do better--or during my walk-through I see something that just doesn't fit. The plants for instance have changed several times as I became used to the parameters Fallout 3 allows. My Sigillaria (B) for instance took some really creative thinking as did the Lepidodendron(C). The Glossopteris (A) and Cordaites(D) were easier to make as they follow more typical modern plant forms. A originally had seed ferns but I was just not satisfied with the accuracy and to be honest the its easier to represent ferns using grass forms instead.

Character development is done but the equipment is not. There won't be that many new items for the player to aquire--I think Bethesda has provided tons and the user community has created so much I'm putting more strength on locations and storyline.

I'm a one person show, so a Fall release date is the quickest I can finish this by. There is so much I want to put into this project but the map is one quadrent wide (1/4 the size of the Fallout Wasteland map) but the release date would have to be pushed off until mid to late 2010.

If anyone is interested in helping of course, please let me know :)