Monday, February 23, 2009

Critter update

Even though this modification is a cross-over between Fallout and The Morrow Project; the island the adventure takes place on is an island reminiscent to that Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park. Unlike the book, this story takes place several hundred years after the war. Nature has taken almost all of the island back. A great barrier wall that separated the islands natural flora and fauna with the creatures from the Permian era have eroded and species of flora and fauna now intermingle and compete. pines, birches and oaks vie for space with calamites, lepidodendron and sigillaria. Dimetrodon hunt wild pigs amongst the strange mixed forests while Sea Scorpions and trilobites have escaped to make the islands shores their new homes. A very strange and interesting place indeed.

Pictured here in various stages are some of the creatures you will meet on this island:

Dimetrodon melleri (created by Aernoud): Pictured here as created by Aernoud via Goggle Sketchup, it's an incredible model. Interestingly, Blender's import literally blendered the legs, so I'll have to tinker with the mesh before I get a chance to add it to the game. It's a shame too, this model is so beautifully done, I originally had planned to just rig and animate it as is.

Xenacanthus moorei: (created by Birdman): Xenacanthus was a type of freshwater shark with species that existed from the late Devonian period to the end of the Triassic period.

Trilobite (created by Birdman): This is a second re-texture I've done for it. Trilobites were incredibly diverse arthropods that flourished from the Early Cambrian until they ultimately went extinct at the end of the Devonian period. Birdman has some other incredible works, I'd love to include but the mod would no longer be called Permian Playground.

Sea Scorpion (created by Dilopho DD): More correctly known as Eurypterids, this model created by Dilopho DD is Jakelopterus rhenaniae ("Otto Jackel's wing from the Rhineland") was a monster of an arthropod with an estimated length of 2.5 meters. Technically this Eurypterid existed in the Devonian era, but Eurypterids existed from the later Ordivacian to the end of the Permian.

I'm currently in process of re-texturing this incredible model for import into the game.

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